Stitch by Stitch the team around Claudia Frick and Nicole von Alvensleben is sewing their way towards a healthy little company. But it’s much more than that: The staff of the two founders, a fashion designer and a social entrepreneur, show how working in the textile industry could be like:

Efficient, social and enthusiastic.

In their B2B sewing studio, they produce small batches for local fashion labels- with the help of professional seamstresses who fled their countries.

The seamstresses receive an apprenticeship or a so-called post-qualification, accompanied by Claudia’s and Nicole’s effort for active integration. At the same time, they show that manufacturing in Germany is indeed possible.

For a long time already , fashion companies world wide have relocated manufacturing to low wage countries. And with it their responsability for the environment and for worker’s rights. More and more companies though show, that making a difference is possible, one of them being one of the pioneers in this field, Sina Trinkwalder, who employs mostly socially disadvantaged people in her eco-social company manomama

She came up with the phrase:

„Aim to become thinkers with heart and brains- because that’s what’s missing in this human-decoupled society“

We love the fact, that there is more and more companies like that. That make the economy benefit us, not the other way round.

At the end of the day, it is always people who touch souls, who leave a mark. So today we’d like to introduce one of the women who found a job at stich by stitch . A job where her effort is being appreciated and that offers her a living wage:

Reyhane Heidari_Stitchbystitch

Name: Reyhane Heidari

Age: 24

Originally from: Herat, Afghanistan

Designmob: Since when have you been living in Germany?

Reyhane: For 1 year und 6 months

Designmob: Since when have you been working as a seamstress?

Reyhane: I am from a „tailor family“, I grew up with sewing machines around me. Actually, the first time that I experienced sewing was at the early age of 7!

Designmob: Have you always wanted to be a seamstress or did you have something else in mind?

Reyhane: I always wanted to sew. Now it’s my wish to become a designer.

Designmob: What’s your favourite material and why?

Reyhane: I like all fabrics. All of them have their specifics and challenges.

We are totally buying this- watch Reyhane, „champion in her field“ in action, working these fabrics:

Designmob: How does working in your home country differ from working here and: What kind of clothes did you sew there?

Reyhane: In Afghanistan I was only able to work from home. Here I am free and I have a team, I like that very much. At home I also sewed for fashion labels, but the collections were different. It was mostly coats, trousers, suits and chic dresses for weddings or other festivities.

Designmob: What do you like best at stitch by stitch?

Reyhane: It is like a family!

Reyhane is doing a post-qualification at  stitch by stitch, so that her excellent skills get an official recognition.

We are excited to see what path Reyhane will take in the future and wish her all the best 🙂

By the way: A little update on the crowdfunding campaign that we supported and that was very successful:

Stitch by stitch made the 4th place and therefore have received the extra supplement of 7,500 Euro from the Hertie Foundation! 
This is what they have to say about the result:
"We are now just over the moon about this great result! On Tuesday afternoon, we toasted to these intense and exciting weeks, to
you and your friends - with sparkling wine, Ayran and Cola :)" 

Claudia, Dominique, Esraa, Iman, Hakima, Reyhane, Mansoureh, Eva, Nici and Anna