Yep, you heard it right.

The myriads of fabric innovations just don’t stop popping up.


Aniela Hoitink, founder of MycoTex, embarks on completely new paths. Not only when developping her hyper innovative materials, no, also when it comes to how and why.

The eco-fair community unitedly calls for people to change (umm, me too…): Less and better consuming, not drinking their to-go coffee out of disposable cups anymore and giving up plastic bottles. She instead calls for developments of products that are sustainable despite excessive consumption, because being biodegradable, because completely recyclable, and anyways! (umm, I like this approach)

So off she went to create such a product: This organic material that is cultivated out of the mycelium, the roots of a mushroom, doesn’t need cropland, barely any water, no chemicals or pesticides and no particular climate. Once you shape the mushroom 3D-style, you can actually „cultivate“ tailor made clothing. Finally at some point the item can go to the happy hunting grounds directly on the garden dump.

How practical!


MycoTEX Facts:

  • the cultivation requires almost no room and resources
  • it helps to avoid fabric cutting waste, because there is none (apropos fabric waste: What we can do about that is discussed in our nex blog post in February)
  • it helps to handle over production, because tailor made styles are created (just saying: 40% of the produced clothing are never sold, they end up on the land fill sooner or later; I’m sure you asked yourself too sometimes, where all this clothing will go, when stores are still crammed by the end of the sales period)
  • it can be breeding ground for other plants
  • it has skin friendly and anti microbial properties
  • the material is not yet developped to a commercially usable level


But the mushroom „fabric“ is not the only thing, Aniela has developped. She is working on projects such as „Dynamic Skin“ that induces the material itself to smartly react to the wearer’s needs, e.g. through balancing temperature. Projects such as solar fibers and illuminated jackets and many more. Wow.

Those of you who now feel their spirit of research rising, should go to her web site and get inspired:

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